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This is my aesthetic too

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"No matter how great of a woman you are, you will never be good enough for a man who isn’t ready. I learned that the hard way."

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"Your heart says, ‘Not again…what kind of mess have you got me in?’"

- Living of Love // The Avett Brothers (via prettygirlfrommilwaukee)

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"You will call me sweetheart
and I will still stumble over
good morning

I will want to know how many breaths you take after waking up
before you consider yourself alive

I will shiver when you touch me
do not be offended;
you are the warmest person I know."

- Meghan LynnHow The Beginning Will Go
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The Black Keys // The Only One

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kissing is hella rad but no one is kissing me so that makes me hella sad

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"When “i” is replaced with “we” even illness becomes wellness."

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"And yet I know, and you, too, know that all I need is for the impossible to be."

- Albert Camus, Caligula (via the-century)

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if ur gonna talk shit about me behind my back at least look at my great ass

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